Friday the 13th!


So I’ve been hearing about movie/game/another game called Friday the 13th, and everyone’s talking about it because there’s going to be a Friday the 13th this year, which is actually when this post is gonna come up, as I’m doing it before, but I can do that.

So, what exactly IS Friday the 13th? Well as I mentioned, there are 2 games and 1 movie about it, and for the sake of me not wanting to watch the movie and not having the games, I went to (please don’t kill me for this) Wikapedia for this, ┬ábecause I didn’t want to steal knowledge from other reviews for it, and for the greater sake of it, I looked at the newer version of the game, because if I didn’t I’d be reviewing “the worst game of all time”, even though people say the same thing about (Really don’t kill me for this) Sonic ’06.

In Fr13th, you are at camp crystal lake, and you are either Jason, or you are one of the counselors. If you’re the counselor, you must try to survive Jason, escape camp crystal lake, or try to get an epic victory by KILLING Jason, which is especially hard, because Jason can sense nearby counselors and teleport anywhere on the map he wants! It is possible though, if you use teamwork and strategy to your advantage.

If you are Jason, your goal is to kill as many counselors as you can, or kill them all. Like I said before, Jason can sense nearby counselors, and teleport anywhere he wants. So killing can be kind of easy, but you do this alone, so that’s the only disadvantage. But overall, the game is basically a murder mystery, without the mystery. This also adds to the advantages of the counselors, because then its easier to identify who’s Jason.

Overall, this game sounds really fun, and is I could get it, I would. So based off the gameplay, I would rate this a 9/10, because it probably isn’t the most awesome game in the world, but pretty awesome.

So what do you think? Leave a comment below, and have a great Friday the 13th!


Happy October!

02B7A23A-81CF-403B-8319-62C3A3FB2759It’s October, and there are alot of things that come out in October. Some of my favorite things come in October, for instance, October memes (yes I just typed that), some of the games, the costumes and the creativity that goes into them (if anyone goes as an Undertale character, I’ll praise you!), but the thing that I like most is that after Halloween, my birthday appears!

But that doesn’t matter (unless I get a game/preorder of a game that I want), what does matter is that we all know what most people are going to go as. That’s right. Pennywise the clown. I can be one to follow trends, but this is not one of them! There is going to be alot of Pennywise’s, and as sonic would say, “that’s no good”. It’s going to be annoying, and there is a chance that you can get confused and lose your kid/kids (if you have any). And its generally just going to be annoying. So to anyone reading this, please, don’t go as Pennywise, and go as something else. And hey, leave a comment below on what you are going as (or went as if you’re reading and and Halloween already happened)! I’ll give a shoutout to people who do (if you want me to)!

Undertale: been 2 years and I still love it

IMG_0947It’s been two years (not exactly) since I first looked at an Undertale playthrough, and loved it. It’s a great game, but you may be wondering why I’m talking about it when it’s been two years(and no, it’s not because it came out in PS4, though I like that it did). It’s because Toby Fox has been tweeting about some things. Like he will never do 3d gaming, what Undertale does for people and why he’s glad about it. Those things sound suspicious to me(and a YouTuber called Underlab, which is a great channel, btw). So I think to myself, “why would be be talking about these things, unless he’s planning something”? It turns out, he might actually be planning something! Toby is mysterious, but he does give us hints, so that we’re not completely in the dark.

Take (I hate that I’m saying this, and it gets annoying sometimes, but here we go!) Gaster for instance. He could have just deleted it all, but he didn’t. He left Gaster–or at least, mystery-man– in the games code. And he didn’t leave us completely in the dark about him, as he left his followers, and gonerkid, in there as well.

So could be be working on a project? More importantly, for some of you reading and me, could be be working on an Undertale 2? What do you think? Leave a comment below on whether or not you think that this is possible. Thanks for reading!