Hello? Anyone there?

IMG_0932Probably not, or not yet at least. Well, no need for introduction, the title for the whole thing is above. Welp, gotta say, I’m new to this, but, bear with me. I’m going to be posting reviews on video games, movies, and sometimes just personal thoughts. I hope you enjoy!


29 thoughts on “Hello? Anyone there?

    1. If you fight, we’re gonna have a bad time

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    1. My sister wrote sonic fanfiction. Click my name if you’re interested. She’s actually a very good author and her stories are very entertaining.
      BTW I liked your previous profile pic better. You don’t have to change it, though, I’m just saying. What’s that from? It kind of reminds me of Keith from Voltron Legendary Defender.

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      1. (It’s a pic my friend made for me, it’s a reference to Homestuck)
        !!!!!!!!!! That is starting to be used on my social media, and that has my first and last name, and I don’t want people knowing my last name… Then again… I’m not sure, do you think I should put it back up?


  1. Have you ever played Portal 2? It’s neither Nintendo nor Sega, but it’s still good.
    Also, sadly, I can’t comment on Gamercat anymore for some reason. Believe me, I have tried to fix the problem but nothing worked. I could have been FIRST if it wasn’t for this random bullcrap. And you’re the only guy I know who knows Gamercat. You think the owner blocked me?
    Also, I would follow you if I could, no kidding.

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    1. I have played Portal 1 & 2. Also, I don’t know. I don’t think Samantha would do that. I’ll comment on GaMERCaT about it. Also, please don’t cuss on here, I don’t like it, and I want this site to be kid friendly.


  2. Also, I’ve read through some old comments, and I saw your question about who bill cipher is. He is one of the characters in Gravity Falls (you should watch it) who shows up in episode 19.
    Also, I recommend Gravity Falls. It’s entertaining, and it’s one or the few cartoons that aren’t made by the cringinator CARTOON NETWORK (Who ruined Teen Titans), and it’s pretty good.

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      1. … SA3 was never going to happen. Sega doesn’t start a series in a franchise, start another series in the same franchise (no matter how short it is), and then continue the old series.


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