Happy October!

02B7A23A-81CF-403B-8319-62C3A3FB2759It’s October, and there are alot of things that come out in October. Some of my favorite things come in October, for instance, October memes (yes I just typed that), some of the games, the costumes and the creativity that goes into them (if anyone goes as an Undertale character, I’ll praise you!), but the thing that I like most is that after Halloween, my birthday appears!

But that doesn’t matter (unless I get a game/preorder of a game that I want), what does matter is that we all know what most people are going to go as. That’s right. Pennywise the clown. I can be one to follow trends, but this is not one of them! There is going to be alot of Pennywise’s, and as sonic would say, “that’s no good”. It’s going to be annoying, and there is a chance that you can get confused and lose your kid/kids (if you have any). And its generally just going to be annoying. So to anyone reading this, please, don’t go as Pennywise, and go as something else. And hey, leave a comment below on what you are going as (or went as if you’re reading and and Halloween already happened)! I’ll give a shoutout to people who do (if you want me to)!


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